Seaward was formed in 1984 to support the marketing effort of a major agricultural chemicals company that introduced a new product line that changed the way farmers grew crops and was gentler to the soil and the environment. To do this, Seaward created an integrated approach using multiple streams of media and collateral material that reached a wide spectrum of demographics, including bankers, farmers, wholesalers and suppliers. Working with the client for more than 14 years, Seaward grew the business into the #1 manufacturer in the U.S., with more than 65% market share.

Over the past 20 years, Seaward has gradually expanded its capabilities to include clients in financial services, retail marketing, education, wines & liquors, and non-profits. We offer marketing and print production, as well as expertise in strategic data based marketing.

Seaward has always been an innovator working with material and equipment manufacturers to develop new production techniques and products that maximize the value of customer marketing efforts.

Stan Konwiser moved from a minority position to sole owner by purchasing the business from his partners in 2002 and has continued the tradition of Seaward as a go-to company that can make things happen. Our broad background enables us to holistically view your programs for maximum results.